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Quality-driven Digital Transformation

QA-and-TestingWe are living in the “Decade of SMACT” and our lives are highly impacted by Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and the Internet of Things. Disruption is happening all around these five basic technologies. Customers are changing their behavior in response and companies are keen to find out how they need to transform to survive this change. Many companies, irrespective of the industry, are facing the same challenges – how to stay on top of these new technologies and how to respond to the changing needs of the customers.

Digital Transformation (DT) Programs

Organizations are radically altering their business processes and operating models. They do this to assure superior Customer Experience. They realize that to achieve this, large-scale transformation programs are necessary. At present, organizations are investing a lot of money in implementing such Digital Transformation programs. Now, the question arises: At the end of the day, do these Digital Transformation programs lead to the expected results? In fact, to realize the desired outcomes, it’s very important for Quality Assurance and Testing professionals to detect the issues that cause unexpected results, as early as possible, in the Life-Cycle and in the Transformation journey.

Quality Assurance is critical for your DT journey

The key to successful Transformation is maintaining customer confidence in the products and services of your company. Quality Assurance becomes a critical factor during and after this transition period. The entry level investment required to get into the digital and online applications market is very low today. You have Google Play and Apple Store as your new distributors. This is a novel way of distributing your product with a very low initial investment. The price for companies to attack your industry and steal your market share is, therefore, very low. In this scenario, you simply need to make sure that you are able to deliver stable products with high quality.

Testing as a function is becoming ever more business critical to organizations faced with external market forces that drive digital transformation. These market forces include changes in customer behavior, heightened global competition, the need to provide an all-channel experience, rapid adoption of social media channels, increased data volumes and the advancement of technologies such as cloud and mobile.” Govind Muthukrishnan, Senior Vice President and Testing Global Service Line Leader at Capgemini Group.

In this context, QA & testing play a vital role in certifying the Digital Transformation. It’s essential for organizations that are dealing with Digital Transformation to have an appropriate digital assurance strategy. This can only be achieved with a comprehensive digital assurance platform that provides the ability to identify the right tools, methodologies and measures to assure customer experience. This platform must cover the entire digital value chain, beginning with content creation, development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and delivery.

What are the key themes that a QA & Testing organization must focus on to fulfill its critical role in the journey of Digital Transformation?

I will discuss some of these themes in my next article on SogetiLabs Blog. Stay tuned!

This article was previously published in SogetiLabs Blog.

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Ahmed Alarieqi is a Test & Quality Engineer who is driven, enthusiastic, ambitious and eager to grow his career in every aspect. Thanks to his broad interests and educational background in Human Resource Management he manages to bridge the gap between Business and IT. For more information on Ahmed click here.

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