Watch the Webinar on ‘The Recover Approach’

The webinar on ‘The Recover Approach: Reverse Modeling and Up-To-Date Evolution of Functional Requirements in Alignment with Tests” was held on Monday, February 2 and is now available here. The speaker for the session was Albert Tort.

About the topic

logoRecover_hqRecover is an innovative solution (winner of the Capgemini-Sogeti Testing Innovation Awards 2014) developed by Sogeti Spain, which moves the value of Testing further than reporting defects by reusing the «know-how» acquiered by testers by experimentation on a system. Recover is aimed at reducing the knowledge debt in projects by obtaining, maintaining and delivering up-to-date functional models and auto-generated technical documentation. Recover uses a structured specification of test cases as input for the test-driven generation of functional UML models, and automatically delivers the specified knowledge as navigable HTML functional technical documentation. This solution has an associated simulation tool that automatically checks the alignment between the knowledge model and the test cases (each time a test is added or modified, Recover helps updating the model and the documentation; if the model is change, the solution is able to detect the test cases that need to be refactored according to the new knowledge).

 To watch the webinar click here

For more information please visit our Recover site

Previously published in SogetiLabs blog.

Acerca de Albert Tort

Albert Tort es CTO de Sogeti España (grupo Capgemini). Anteriormente fue investigador y profesor de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, donde actualmente es también coordinador del posgrado en Software Quality Assurance. Es especialista en ingeniería de requisitos, modelización conceptual, calidad del software, testing e inteligencia artificial. Su tesis doctoral fue titulada "Testing and Test-Driven Development of Conceptual Schemas” y es autor de diversas publicaciones relacionadas con la ingeniería del software.

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