Technology changes the way we do business

Jose_Luis_AntonThe latest technological advances, the most important of which is the democratization of internet, brought radical changes that are reaching an even higher level now that mobile devices are becoming accesible to everyone. Everyday, companies are facing new challenges such as the app market, the online business, the cloud, Big Data or the latest trend know as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which relates to the growing desire for people to work with their personal devices.

These developments impacts the way we are liaising with each other, both on the personal and profesional side. Organizations are forced to re-think the way they lead their own business. Such changes may be tough, but they are necessary to survive.

Implementing a BYOD policy in your organization implies that you develop new applications and address the security issues as well as the proper integration in your infrastructure. The Big Data era is another challenge for any structure thas relies on cloud-based services as it requires new formulas to protect your data rather tan just focusing on the device, to ensure confidentiality of the users and the sensitive information you may be handling.

Similar to these two previous examples is the growing use of apps for business purposes in all sectors. The online business dramatically increased the number of transctions and payments through the web. The leisure industry takes full advantage of this new wave by broadcasting digital content that revolutionize the cinema, the book or the music industries. This canot work without a perfect understanding of how to handle such a huge amount of data, as the business relies more and more on an up and running technology.

Ensuring the quality of applications is thus a growing concern. It has never been more important to properly perform all tests on softwares and duely control the quality of the applications in order to guaranty the success of a deal. In Sogeti, we think the testing activity has to be fully integrated in the application development lifecycle. 90% of failures are generated by processes prior to the testing phase, 50 to 70% of which occur in the phase of design and definition of requirements.

These high rates are evidence of the necessity of testing at all stages of the process and not only at the end. Thanks to this new approach, you can reduce the number of failures and reducing the time to market which can lead up to 80% time and cost savings. The is what we call the ‘PointZERO vision’, a method whose objective is to increase business performances, improve quality throughout the application lifecycle, reduce the time to market, avoide and reduce costs, eliminate risks and reach due quality.

In a nutshell, the world has changed and companies will have to do so as well. Otherwise, they are very likely to stay out of the market.

More information

José Luis Antón has worked in the IT industry for over 17 years and since 2005 is working with a clear focus in Testing and QA activities. José Luis started his IT career in Sybase Inc., an SAP company, working in development and testing around e-business solutions. He acquired his extensive knowledge in various functions, from Analyst, Programmer, Trainer, Pre-Sales Consultant, Sales consultant… Jose Luis is currently the Director of the Testing Practice within Sogeti Spain, being responsible for defining technology and solution strategy and helping organizations designing and realizing their future strategies around QA and testing activities. He is part of the Spanish ISTQB Board. He is a Sogeti’s public speaker and on a regular basis speaks at different events from Sogeti and other organizations like expo:QA, IBM forums, SIMO, ITI between others.

Acerca de Sogeti España

Como parte del Grupo Capgemini, Sogeti opera en más de 100 localizaciones a nivel mundial. Trabajando estrechamente con clientes y socios para aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades de la tecnología, Sogeti combina agilidad y velocidad de implementación para diseñar soluciones innovadoras enfocadas al futuro en Digital Assurance & Testing, Cloud y Ciberseguridad, y todo ello, impulsado por IA y automatización. Con su enfoque práctico y su pasión por la tecnología, Sogeti ayuda a las organizaciones a implementar su transformación digital a gran velocidad. Si quieres conocer nuestro "Value in the making", visítanos en

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